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Jose Alvarez, Chris Perez, and nearly Kathy Grayson, July 15th 2006
July 16, 2006, 8:15 am
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Chris Perez and Jose Alvarez

Chris Perez and Jose Alvarez

Jonathan, Ara, Chris, Jose

Jonathan Runcio, Ara Peterson, Chris Perez, and Jose Alvarez

Patt Fink and Kathy Grayson

Patt Fink and Kathy Grayson

Kathy Grayson (Deitch Projects) and Chris Perez (Ratio 3), two old friends, were supposed to sit in for an interview, but unfortunately Kathy was stuck in traffic on the dreaded bay bridge (believe me, I’ve been there before, it’s the goddamn pits) and wasn’t able to make it to the interview.

As luck would have it though, Chris brought Jose Alvarez an amazing artist who was in town for his opening at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts new show called Cosmic Wonders. The 3 of us prattled on about Jose’s new work, Carlos Castenada, the nature of drugs and art, and every other little thing that came to mind. In addition to being an kick ass artist, Jose is a really cool guy. Great interview.

(Kathy showed up a little later with Oakland artist Patt Fink and we shot the shit curb-style.)

To listen to this interview press:


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