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Alicia Framis, November 14, 2009
November 14, 2009, 4:36 am
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Artist Alicia Framis, The Lost Astronaut


That giant disk in the sky that alternates between a bloated thick
deep-yellow splotchy mass and at other times  a fine white fingernail
floating in the ether, the nocturnal lighthouse guiding lovers hands
and military sneak attacks as well…. ahhhhhh…. the moon.
Unbeknownst to myself, the moon is also one of the last stalwart
strongholds of sexism in modern life. Artist Alicia Framis, aka the
Lost Astronaut, informed me that a woman has never set foot on the
moon. Tackling this issue with equal parts beauty and insanity, Framis
has chosen to protest this sad fact by purchasing a used cosmonaut
suit from Russia and roam the streets of New York for the duration of



Artist Alicia Framis


Listen along as she relates stories of dealing with the NYPD, NASA
employees, Marina Abramovic, and even gets 86ed from the NY public



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Thanks Alicia Framis and her “Moon Suit”
Wish I had run into her when I was modeling nude.

Comment by Dominic Alleluia

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